Global Conspiracy (Chapter 7) Dis-Information


The Shadow War is often imagined to be the inner circle of the Cold War between communist and capitalist being fought by super secretive agents like James Bond.  However it is not this way at all.  The entire war is based on information and the control of national belief.  The strategy is to cause so much dis-information that no one but the puppeteers of the information truly know what is truth.  The Shadow War is fought on so many levels involving secret service and government agents, DEA informants, drug dealers, common criminals turned mercenaries’ and everyday common citizens.

Dis-information is the deliberate distribution of false information.  The tactic includes distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, photographs, rumors and fabricated intelligence information.  Typically known as a tactic used to mis-lead an enemy, discredit opponents or cause total confusion to perform revolutions.  In all cases it involves distortion of true information.  Unlike traditional propaganda techniques designed to gain emotional support, dis-information is designed to manipulate at a rational level of understanding by either dis-crediting conflict information or supporting false conclusions.  An excellent example would be the first moon landings, and after weighing all information, no one except the people involved truly can say without a doubt that it actually happened or not.  

When channels of information cannot be completely controlled they can be made useless and even the mere thought of it can be programmed to seem ridiculous to the average person.  This is done by dis-crediting the claim by association with a lot of easily disproven false claims.  An excellent example of this would be the word “Illuminati”; because of popularized conspiracy leaders the word illuminati has gone from simply showing an economical conspiracy of banking to outrageous stories of tyrannical aliens controlling the government, shape-shifting reptiles actually being the royal families, or the Freemasons worship and are led by the devil whom is the creator of the Illuminati.  Under this tactic the mere mention of the word illuminati becomes a laughing joke to most.

Dis-information tactics include mixing some truth and observation with false conclusions, lies or failure to reveal key parts of the truth while presenting it as a whole.

The Cold War brought the Shadow War out of the shadows as many average citizens turned activist realized the military and political power of dis-information.
In such a war as this one when truth is left in the shadows of lies and information is so abundant, espionage becomes an extremely important asset. 
When the average person hears the word espionage our first reaction is to imagine a James Bond type of super-spy with high tech gadgets.  Although these type agents do exist, they are not the majority.  Most spies are average everyday citizens.  They work as writers, in the media, in entertainment, in offices, transport companies, security agencies and average everyday work places. 
These agents are double employed, employed by their original employer to keep their ears, eyes and mouths open in their assigned area.  Their other employer, under their regular average job has no idea of their other espionage activities.  These agents are to collect business / economical information, keep their eyes open for suspicious activity and all the while remaining as a regular citizen passing on updated information on to a superior and so on up the ladder the information travels.
In many ways we are all being watched…
Our phone calls, E-mails,  internet activity, bank accounts and even our employment areas are all under surveillance, they are watching, whether you’re a criminal or not; and it matters not which side you chose because there is a program of profits.  No matter what, it is a system that must be followed and it is only then when you reject the system do you truly become an enemy. 
How safe are we?  We are not safe at all, due to the easily leaked information at police stations, standing up and speaking out against “protected criminals” can result in death.  International high funded security companies who supply technologies to many government agencies such as Verint have already been infiltrated by Israeli organized criminals known to be connected to the Russian Mafia.  The Israeli gangsters used the information to spoil drug busts and find out the identity of informants.  No matter what side you chose, you are not safe if you’re truly involved in changing the world, especially if you are not following “the system’s program”.

“No man can serve two masters”.

A double agent is a term used to describe someone that pretends to spy on a target on belief of his or her boss or employer, but is actually loyal to the target and merely trying to gain the trust of the employer.  A double agent could also be an agent that gets captured by an opposing organization and switches sides returning to their original organization now spying for the group that captured them.  Then again some agents will get caught purposely to pretend to become a double agent, now actually making that person a triple agent.
Getting confused as to whose on which side?
A triple agent pretends to be a double agent for a target organization, but in fact is working for the controlling organization all along.  Usually the agent keeps the trust of the target organization by feeding information to them that apparently is very important but is in fact mis-leading or useless. 

The most important double agents to remember were Mutt and Jeff because their mission helped give a great understanding of the power of dis-information.  Mutt and Jeff were spies that had worked for the United Kingdom as MI-5 agents during World War Two and were members of a program called the double cross system.
The double cross system or XX system or simply “20” is an anti-espionage and deception operation.  The operation included figuring out who was a spy and instead of capturing them, allow them to find false information knowing they would report it back to their superiors.  This system evolved into actually creating forged documents that was coded, allowing the enemy to retrieve it slightly difficultly, then have to put effort towards decoding what they would be led to believe was carefully concealed secret information, when in fact it was all a set up. 
The double cross system or “20” has since World War Two evolved into an extremely complex system of interconnected webs ranging from the most patriotic to conspiracy theorist.  With all this confusion spies, double agents, triple agents and more, how can anyone know what is truly real?
The questions I asked were, if the super-rich compete for domination, but at the same time work together wouldn’t they, whom collectively monopolize the economy, collectively control intelligence?
What type of system would it take to control intelligence in a chaotic system of dis-information? And is the possibility of Quadruple agents really that comical or fictional that it does not exist?  If so what would a quadruple agent be… where would loyalty rest?  Would there have to only be two parties involved or could there be three? 

There are those that dedicate their lives to finding the truth.  More often these people are blocked, tricked and mis-led by the “one’s who conceal what they know to be true”. 
True truth seekers often begin their journey as part of the system only to hit a cross road in their life where they chose the life they wish to live.  The people whom realize and see the system for what it is and rebel against it become the defectors in the shadows of war.  They are the true hero’s of truth and justice.  The outnumbered few that dedicate their lives against tyrants to spread truth at no cost are the liberators of the Information War known as the Shadow War.
Originally in its categorized pre-determined meaning set by our slave-masters; defector is used to describe a person that gives up or abandons his company or partners.  Defectors are also associated as traitors.  However these are all just twisted terms.  A person that rejects a tyrannical system of lies is in no way a traitor, nor are they abandoning their brothers and sisters.

Defectors in the Shadow war were usually also once puppets of the system that realized its true nature.  They usually have gained access to information or create ways to gain information and independence.  They work against the system using strategic tactics to not allow the system to know they are defectors.  Their aims are equality and truth.  They are not anarchists or terrorist in the modern sense.  They believe in a system that does not exist yet, they believe in Equalism: a system that allows mankind to be free of oppression through interest, lack of resources, and dependency. 
The 1%ers are the controllers of information in the Shadow War.  They operate through a pyramid system of secret societies and interconnecting web-networks under a system called “Parenting”.  The parenting system works as a buddy system and mentor system combined and to each section are three parties.  For instance; Mr. A and Mr. B are in a buddy system, where Mr. A is the apprentice or student and Mr. B is the mentor or teacher or “parent”.  At the same time Mr. B and Mr. C are in a buddy system where Mr. B is the apprentice and Mr. C is the mentor or parent. 
The term 1%er first came to the public’s knowledge by the Hells Angels legal motorcycle club association.  During the 1980s and 1990s what was known as the Biker Wars took place between members of legal motorcycle associations over illegal criminal activity.  The “War” claimed the lives of a few innocent people, one being a young male that had been hit by an exploding car.  This was enough to spark the public to demand a crack-down on biker gangs and forced the police to investigate the legal biker associations for gangs and criminal activity.  While some Hells Angels were found guilty of criminal activity, the Hells Angels Association claimed that they were not a criminal enterprise and that 1% of members associated with criminal activity did not represent the group as a whole.  Since then the term 1%er has been used to describe a member of a legal group that engages in criminal activity.  Since the term became present many “1%er bikers” have worn jackets that show publically they are a 1%er.  We should all ask why would someone that is a part of a legal organization, and that does criminal activity, show publically that they do criminal activity rather than shadow themselves within the group? Perhaps the real minds behind it actually do…   

Within the Association Freemasons is a 1%er group that operates as a quadruple agent.  Some act as single spies, some as double agents and some as triple agents, but under a quadruple system.  They spy on their co-workers, their neighbors’, society and even on their own fraternal brothers.  They operate as a third party in war between two parties collecting information for themselves while controlling information and dis-information between the two warring parties. 
The goal of the 1%er Freemason is to change the perception of reality of every human to such an extent than no one is able to come to any guaranteed conclusions.  They use a tactic called “Moralization” often also called “Demoralization”, which is a long term process of psychological warfare that takes about 20 years at minimum to complete.  It takes that long because that is the amount of years it takes to educate one generation of students. 
The entire process is done to maintain global control and leverage, by allowing money printers and lenders to remain in a dominant position so that they can control what economical industries to provide funding to and what companies will dominate those industries.  Unions are controlled to out muscle defectors that try to fight back financially, while also keeping the everyday working “Joe” in his place.  Working, stressed, tired, in the illusion of a rat race that is actually a cage of animals fighting each other for survival… to keep you in debt and dependent!  All of this is done to keep the system of classism alive.  Every tax dollar funds…no fuels this entire system and without it the entire system would fall.

To maintain the system the foundation must be constantly monitored and education becomes the most important issue.  At a U.N conference on environment and development in Rio in 1992 the international community adopted Agenda 21 a blue print for action and sustainable development for the 21st century.  Agenda 21 makes it clear that their program for social and educational development consist of a uniformed fashion where students are to become “unionized” to eliminate diversity and social arguments.  It sounds nice doesn’t it… but there is a deeper economical secret involved with all of this.  This is about marketing schools as a business and the child is the product.  It’s about schools filling up with students to receive federal funding; it’s about over packing children into class rooms and underpaid teachers still keeping control of the room.  Keep in mind these are the same people that endorsed teachers to suggest rideline to over-active children.  Rideline is a drug that was put onto the markets in the 1960s, was and still is prescribed to children that have been labeled to have A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), coincidentally when A.D.D. hit an all time high in the 90s rideline also had a major boom in sales.  In my own personal opinion A.D.D. is a non-existent problem created first by pharmaceutical companies that needed to make use of a product, and secondly by psychologist that needed to open up a new market.  The Pharmaceutical companies as well as psychologist attempt to convince people that making a person obedient increases their intelligence.  The fact is if you do not enjoy something you will not pay attention to it, and you will not do well in it.  Rideline is a drug that causes the brain to absorb what it is being told, plain and simple it is a programming technique designed to relax the body while allowing the brain to absorb its surroundings.  These people have convinced the world that “wondering thinking” is a problem and associated not being interested in a topic with a learning dysfunction.  For instance many male figures feel they are affected by a learning disorder and justify ‘by self-defeat’ the reasons for lack of intellectual capabilities’ and yet these same males are able to name by memory each and every car on the market, its year of model and even individual pieces of machinery that connect the automobile.  Perhaps we are all looking at this situation from the wrong or opposite point of view.  In theory, Einstein would have been considered to have a learning disorder while he was a young student.
Ever speak directly to a child not interested in what you’re saying?  The child is not standing there brain dead as you speak; he or she is simply thinking of something else, their mind is wondering and not fully paying attention to you.  Rather than find a way to make education interesting to children like this, our school system believes that a more cost efficient solution is better.  Rather than increase teaching staff and reduce teacher to student ratio, allowing teachers more one-on-one time with students, the government prefers to create a more military-like discipline and endorses the use of mind altering drugs on over-active children.  In plain English the government school boards do not have the funding so they agree with discipline by use of mind control drugs…and why shouldn’t they; these are the same people that supported the MK-Ultra experiments.   

The grips of the economical dictatorship is in the shadow of the United Nations, and although most see the group as peacekeepers it can coincidentally be shown as identical to the “Star Wars Galactic Empire controlled by the Sith lord.  It should be in clear view that we are controlled by a system and the United Nations is not a government organization it is a private institution of members that create rules and regulations…in short it is a system.

The United Nations would like to bring back a type of Napoleonic Law and call it the “Precautionary System” where persons are guilty until proven innocent.   This type of law becomes scary under a tyrannical government because it severely reduces human rights.  It allows a system of corruption to take place where at times free thought could make you a criminal of the “Precautionary System”. 

The next issue is an important one.  It is about global warming and preserving the environment.  In Agenda 21 it seems as though nature is elevated above man.  In a way as a pro-environmentalist I agree with certain issues, however after over-looking the Agenda 21 protocol it seems to me that environmental issues are being used to cover up real issues.  The facts are the world is running out of resources and many resources such as clean water are contaminated daily.  They use the environment issues to justify limiting mankind’s presence in certain areas of the world.  Their aims are to create “super cities” and environment areas off limits to humans to preserve the earth in attempts to use as natural resource reserves.  They do this because as time continues and humans use up resources, things such as iron, copper, oil, etc… will rise in price causing many revolts due to less fortunate people having lack of resources.  There is a scheduled plan to construct livable settlements on the moon beginning in 2025 and Mars later on.  The reason for these settlements is for future human colonization; however this is a long term plan.  The short term plan is to use the moon and Mars for mining reasons to export natural resources from these places to the Earth.  The Environmental plan in Agenda 21 focuses on preserving the Earth’s natural resources until these projects are fulfilled by limiting mankind’s presence in areas and uses of resources. 
It is important to understand that the same people financing and heading the environmental groups are the same people that control the oil industries.  There is no battle of industries only a transformation.  Although it may seem as though this is all for preserving nature to save humanity, the reality is the Earth is coming to a point to which modern man has not ever experienced.  Control of resources gives a man kings power over other men and all this is to keep control of how they believe the earth should be structured.  In the past when rulers ran out of food, water or other resources needed to keep a sustainable society in continuing progress, they would simply assemble an army, make up some fable about the gods to justify their actions and conquer new lands.  Now, the empire has run out of land to expand into and soon resources…
For more information look up Agenda 21 human settlement zones and biodiversity and wild-lands project.   Agenda 21 seems to be the blue print for the future of the world and how the United Nations plans to steer it into the desired direction, however keep in mind as you read the 800 page document that everything inside is “sounding pretty nice” but the main goals is to maintain the system of classism and comfort of the controllers.    

So how does all this get done without people asking questions and without having a population that rejects the idea?  It’s done like it’s always done, through education.  UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific & Cultural Organization) documented its plans for education in a publication called “The United Nations decade of education for sustainable development” and is scheduled to take place between 2005 and 2014. 
In a program called “Getting to know connected mathematics” the text explains that mathematics is man-made, that it is arbitrary and good solutions are arrived at by consensus among those who are considered expert.  What this basically means is that man created math, it’s not a natural occurring universal design, there is no set system to come to a direct and complete answer and solutions to equations comes from a group of experts that agree that it is the solution. 
Mathematics is NOT man created.  Mathematics is a universal design that is bigger than man.  Mankind might have invented the formulas we have and the titles of units we know as name, but mankind did not design the golden ratio, mankind did not design the systematic pattern planets follow or the perfect ratio of plants.  Mathematics is a language between beings and the universe for communal understanding and we did not invent it we learned it by years of observation.
The program continues to explain “because the curriculum does not emphasize arithmetic computations done by hand, some students may not do as well on tests assessing computational skills… we believe such a trade-off in favor of the connected mathematics program is very much to the students advantage in the world of work”. 
Are our children in public schools being taught math in a way “experts” believe many students will not understand deliberately?  Why would they do this?  Well, did you know the world is in need of “blue collar workers”?  Did you know that many public school student with poor grades are being encouraged to drop out of high school to proceed into adult educational facilities and 16-plus programs, many are even being coaxed into going straight into trade school rather than go to college?
This might explain why; A report released in 2002 titled “The education for sustainable development toolkit” stated “generally, more highly educated people who have higher incomes consume more resources than poorly educated people who tend to have lower incomes.  In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability”.

The environmentalist agenda had evolved from the Hippy generation; coincidentally the major players in the Hippies were also the same crowd of Baby-Boomers that became the establishment.  Agenda 21s goals could never have become approved by the world had the environmentalist movement not become a major force.  The Hippy generation grew as a result of mass organization of people who opposed the Vietnam War.  The Hippies revolution is seen by many as a failed revolution, where as others see it as a minor successful change in industrial understanding.  The background to the Hippy Revolution began during the ending stages of World War Two as secret services began to be set up to manipulate information on a grand scale.
The secret services after World War Two were organized as a joint HUMINT (Human Intelligence) operation that first put all the stages into play.  Secret services connected to India, France, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom and America were all extremely active during World War Two and then the Cold War and participated in coalescing missions.  Collectively working together arose suspicions to the point each group spied on each other causing blocks and passages throughout the stages. 
It all began in 1945 when a joint intelligence objectives agency was formed and began Operation Paperclip.  Operation Paperclip was a program to recruit former Nazi agents, scientists, and experts in torture for information and brainwashing.  Most of these scientists had been prosecuted as war criminals during the Nuremburg trials but then had been given reduced sentences for intelligence cooperation.  Project Chatter evolved from Operation Paperclip and began in 1947.  Project Chatter was headed by the U.S Navy with the goal to research truth drugs such as scopolamine, anabasis aphylla and mescaline.  It began based on rumors that the Soviets had success in discovering truth serums.  Project Bluebird later renamed Project Artichoke was a sub-project of Project Chatter and had been a CIA project that lasted from 1949 to 1951.  The project consisted of researching special interrogation methods, including the use of drugs, hypnosis and isolation.  In 1953 Project MK-Ultra was born on the orders of Allen Dulles the director of the CIA.  At the time the Soviets, Chinese, and North Koreans used mind control techniques on captured soldiers during the Korean War.  The CIA became interested in being able to manipulate foreign leaders with mind control techniques.  Experiments to see if it was possible were conducted on subjects without their knowledge or consent.  In 1964 the Project was re-named MK-Search and had the goal to create the perfect truth serum.  One program part of MK-Search was titled “Operation Teapot” and had involved the testing of pregnant women with radiation.  Also under the same operation soldiers were given doses of LSD to study the effects of panic.  Another sub-operation was titled “Sub-project-54” and was headed by the U.S Navy’s top secret program called “Perfect Concussion”.  They used sub-aural frequency blasts to erase memory.  Also during this program they realized and documented LSD’s corollary effect on controlled and channeled mass panic techniques.  LSD would play a major role in the Hippy period of the 1960’s, ironically helping the growth of the hippy movement and ultimately destroying it.  Hippies as a majority were peace-loving “rebels” that fought against imperialism and global economic monopolies and yet the leading figures of the “baby boomers” would emerge to become the leading corporate sell-outs they once protested against.  It should be understood that the basis of the hippy movement was to mimic Jesus not as a prophet but as a peaceful revolutionist that believed in natural medicine, science to benefit both man and nature and brotherhood to all mankind, with the introduction of LSD the movement incorporated “free-love” and the Roman-Greek classical sex ritual known as an orgy, through it diseases were born, families were separated and revolutionist became drug addicted.  Although the majority of the population see’s the hippy movement as a failed rebel revolution, I have my arguments that it was actually a clever plot of the secret societies to conduct the changes they wished.  The hippy movement would actually help create many solutions that would arise a whole new set of conflicts.  The hippy movement gave birth to Women’s Liberation which was a positive movement for women to become equal to male figures, however when international financers began to involve themselves with non-profit organizations women ‘s liberators became divided as stay at home moms became the “wrong” kind of woman in the eyes of the “equal working independent woman”.  This happened because of media manipulation and the twisting of facts as international and federal political heads conspired to increase the rate of income tax being collected, with women in the work force their tax dollars could be extorted as well.  It was during this period when it was decided the family unit was no longer important to economical structure and the promotion of “free-love” would ultimately promote unfaithfulness and eventually divorce, separation and single parent families. These problems created a wave of employment markets.  
LSD was created in 1938 by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz laboratories in Basel Switzerland and then Dr. Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert aka Baba Ram Das leaked it to society in the 1960s. 

Up until 1995 the government denied all claims to the existence of these projects, and then in mid-1995 the U.S government issued an official apology to the pregnant women and soldiers that were affected by the program.  An apology also went out to a group of Oregon prison inmates that had their testicles irradiated without their knowledge.  Since 1995 most of the associated files have been re-classified as top secret and most MK-Ultra / MK-Search records had been deliberately destroyed in 1973 by order of the then director of the CIA Richard Helms.
What is known is that many experiments took place in Canada, when the CIA recruited physician Donald Ewen Cameron the creator of the “psychic driving” concept.  Dr. Cameron had been trying to correct schizophrenia by easing existing memories and completely rebuilding or programming the psyche.  He worked for the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University and was paid 69,000$ from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MK-Ultra experiments.  In addition to LSD he also experimented with various psychedelic drugs and electroconvulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power.  His “psychic driving” technique consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced comas for anywhere from a week to three months while playing tapes of noise or repetitive statements.  His experiments were done on patients that came to the institute for minor problems such as anxiety disorders and postpartum depression.  His treatments resulted in subjects becoming incompetent, having amnesia, forgetting how to talk, forgetting loved ones and thinking interrogators were their parents.  Dr. Cameron and a Dr. Sargant were the only two identified Canadian experts known to work on the project, but the Mk-Ultra file makes reference to many other unnamed physicians that had been recruited by both the CIA and CSIS.  Dr. Cameron later became the first chairman of the World Psychiatric Association and president of the American and Canadian Psychiatric Association and had been a member of the Nuremburg medical tribunal that took place after World War Two. 
How many secret deals were made between psychiatric workers and pharmaceutical companies, how many non-existent psychiatric problems were created to open new markets, how many theories were presented with half-facts to convince the public naturally occurring feelings were diseases, and that only medication could regulate brain chemicals?  The reality is psychiatric workers and doctors attempt to regulate brain chemicals by different drugs.  The science is based on using different synthetic chemicals to control the flow of, increase or decrease natural brain chemicals, however everything we do from eating to observation of colors to sound effects our natural brain chemicals.  What doctors attempt to do with synthetic drugs can be done exactly with herbs, plants and food and in addition it is impossible to control completely a person’s natural brain chemicals because everything affects it.  This is why drugs are often prescribed wrong or put on a trial case with the warning of many side effects.  Sadly I see a world that is manipulated into its belief, to the point many do not know themselves, they feel as individuals struggling alone rather than know others are just like them.  Our trusted officials use our ‘fear of the unknown’ to create more dependency for us.  They cleverly create a system of economics that is dependent on people’s misfortune.  They convince people to make excuses rather than take responsibility, they treat people with numerous drugs and placebos while knowing only 1% of their program works…and that it is that 1% that actually treats a patient.  Rather than give self-confidence they give quick fixes, rather than build understanding, they teach theories…
This is our reality of education in a system so dependent upon its corporate economical system, and it has evolved from scandal after scandal to be understood as “this is just the way things are”.



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