The Masonic 33 Degree Code: Secret of Magic

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The Masonic 33 degree code
And The Secret of Magic

The astrological circle of the zodiac equals 360 degrees, 12 zodiacial houses of 30 degrees each.  In Hndu astrology, which is called Verdic astrology, it states that the moon was exalted at 3 degrees of Taurus and debilitated in 3 degrees of Scorpio.  In Verdic astrology the lunar zodiac is based on the moons movements against the brightest stars, which are divided into 27 groups called Nakshatras of 13 degrees each and 20 minutes each.  3 degrees of Taurus corresponds with the Nakshatra called Krittika, which western astronomers know as the Pleiadies cluster.  If you point 3 degrees of Taurus on the wheel of 360 degrees starting with zero degrees in Aries, 3 degrees Taurus equals 33 degrees. 
Now the Pleiadies cluster has a huge association with the biblical philosophies of good and evil, as the Pleiadies cluster has an area called the daughters of Atlas also known as the 7 sisters, which is represented in the bible as both the 7 virtues and 7 deadly sins, giving each individual the choice to choose their path.
The cluster is an open cluster of stars located in the Taurus constellation.
A star called Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiadian cluster and just happens to be located at exactly 33 degrees or 3 degress of Taurus. 
33 degrees in Freemasonry is a master number and the highest degree a Mason can achieve representing a master. 
The word master in etymology is broken into two Latin words; ma and ster, which ironically means “mother star”. 
Alcyone is the location of heaven in a philosophical sence; the Seven Sisters are a small cluster of stars that float just about the bulls shoulder in the constellation Taurus.  Ancients on a clear night would gaze up into the heavens and out of the hundreds of stars in the constellation; seven could be seen with the naked eye.  During November the stars rise as the sun sets and reach their highest point in the sky by midnight, and begins to set at sunrise.  These things fascinated ancient astronomers and records were kept.  These records became one of the most important secrets of Freemasonry to this day.

In ancient secret society philosophy, the Earth was the zodiac, and the stars were the lords of time.  Ancient calandars were once dependant on the cycles of the planet Venus; it was measured by the death and rebirth of Venus.  Every eight years, after the sun sets in April, Venus can be seen very close to the Pleiadies star cluster.  Ever eight years Venus returns to her original place in the sky (when we view it from Earth).  However, as Venus returns every eight years, the planet seems to get closer and closer to the Pleiadies cluster.  In 1972 Venus reached a position of one-degree from the star Alcyone.  In 1980, it was closer, in 1988 even closer, in 1996 even closer, in 2004 it continued, and in 2012 it will be in the closest position it can get, by 2020 the planet Venus will have already began her journey past the cluster.  The evidence had been left to us in the form of Greek Mythology.  Alcyone married Eosphours, who represented the morning star. 

The secret of evolution begins with the Illuminati’s or if you prefer the Luminari’s understanding of their own recordings.  Magic begins with the 72 names of God. 

The 72 names of god are actually 72 three-letter words that collectively make up the 216 letter name of God.  The 72 three-letter words are each an aspect of God.  The name is derived from the Biblical book Exodus.  The names are to be arranged in an ancient style of writing called boustrophendon and placed in columns of three.  Despite the religious domnated belief that these are the names of angels, a small few hardcore conspiracy investigators believe these are the letters to elements of an ancient periodic table.   Please try to think in the mind of one of your own descendents, long after languages have changed and if knowledge had been lost, our descendents might understand the word oxygen to be a life giving spirit.  Amoungst the occult, even including the mysteries of King Solomon and the Kabbalah, as well as within the religious documents, it is said that by understanding how to use these individual names, one could manipulate the powers of the almighty, having the power to create or instantly destroy the elements in the physical reality.  The 72 names are associated with 72-angels or intelligences, however each group has a counterpart, or an opposite, or an associate.  In some ways it is similar to what we know, scientist have discovered matter, and we now suspect and have strong understanding that anti-matter must also exist.  Through comparision some theories are assuming that these names represent either elements on our own periodic table or the many sub-atomic particles that make up an individual element.  Either way, if this theory is correct, secret knowledge has yet to re-discover every single aspect of the 216 letter name.  72 and 72, are equal to 144, leaving 26 elements still unknown.  The most recent addition to the periodic table occurred in 1998, it was number 118 (and 116), called Ununoctium.  When the secret elite learned how to split an atom, the next stage was to figure out how to cause fusion between two atoms.  In 1998 mathematical calculations suggested it was possible to create a new element from fusing lead with krypton, however in the following year it was claimed the original formula was fabricated, and no one since has ever again able to reproduce the same procedure. 

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